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To judge the standard of scrap gas
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The standard for the failure of the gas furnace

Interlayer: the normal year mill is designated 6-8mm, and the service life of the outer chamber is about twice as long as the inner wall and the bottom plate; General rule: the thickness of the inner wall and the base plate is less than 10mm, and the outer wall thickness is less than 6mm.

The corrosion capacity of furnace steel plate shall not be less than 1/2 of the thickness of the plate.

The formation and cause of thinning of wall thickness.

The thickness reduction of the wall thickness can be divided into two types: comprehensiveness and locality. No matter which form of wall thickness is thin, the intensity of the equipment is affected, and the thickness of the local wall is thin and often causes the leakage of the equipment.

The main reason for the thinning of the wall thickness of the equipment in chemical production is corrosion, erosion and wear, which is mainly caused by wear and tear.

The overall reduction of wall thickness is caused by uniform corrosion or wear. Because of the thinning generally slower, and even, so the actual harm is not large, but after a long time after corrosion or wear, if the wall thickness of the equipment is less than the minimum thickness of promise, the producer gas generator shall step-down use or disposal.

Local corrosion, erosion or abrasion caused local wall thickness reduction, general speed, not only the local perforation leakage, but also the strength of the equipment has a great impact. Because determining the strength of the equipment is the capacity of the weakest section, when the local wall thickness is reduced to a certain extent, there will be rupture and leakage in the area. In the case of point corrosion, the perforation and leakage of the equipment can be seen in a few places where the adjacent walls are obviously reduced.

The minimum theory of gas producer agrees to wall thickness.

In principle, the equipment that is thin and thin is thinner than the corrosion allowance, and the equipment has a strength problem. It can be concluded that the calculation formula of the minimum thickness of internal pressure equipment is:

Smin - the minimum thickness of the equipment enclosure, cm

P -- actual maximum operating pressure (hereinafter referred to as operation pressure), KGF/cm2

Di -- internal diameter of the equipment shell

Phi -- the weld coefficient

Allowable stress of materials at work temperature, KGF/cm2 (Pa)

The selection of them can be referenced by: & lt; Design of pressure vessel of steel petrochemical industry & gt; & gt;

When measured actual wall thickness S< When Smin, the equipment should be reduced or scrapped.

If the thickness of the wall thickness of the equipment is local and more serious, it can be repaired and repaired

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