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The method of cleaning up the situation of gas production
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The method of cleaning up the situation of gas production

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The failure of the gas producer is swept away

1. The gas pressure machine stops suddenly

Because of a power failure, the pressure machine aborts the operation. This situation will suddenly affect the gas generator. The characteristic is: the furnace gas pressure rises sharply, the bottom pressure also adds. Must spread out, descend wind pressure, the small wind valve, drop the full temperature. Note that the wind valve cannot be shut off. In case of prolonged power failure, heat standby operation.

2. Air blower parking 

The blower and the pressure machine are interlocked in the planning, the pressure machine parking, the blower also automatically abort the operation. But also prevent the interlock failure (there is no problem of interlocking with hot gas and cooling purification). Gas outlet pressure dropped to zero. At this point, no matter which gas furnace is used, it is necessary to increase the steam flow to the bottom of the furnace to ensure positive pressure inside the furnace, together with the enclosed air valve, and the situation is spread out. Immediately notify the pressure machine to abort the operation. Prevent the negative pressure from entering the air. 

3. The problem with the coal - adding machine

If there is a problem with the coal machine, it should be repaired. Stop the furnace completely, no heat ready for repair. If it is a multi-furnace parallel operation, the water seal should be added and the water seal should be added, and the water seal should be cut into the gas main channel, and the repair plan should be rigorously worked out.

Water shortage (common pressure gas generator does not exist)

Steam packs are short of water, and don't get water before you can find out the factors. How to handle: first, turn the water level meter to drain the water. If there is a small number of water, it will be clear that the water is not long enough to get water. 2 it is open, according to the water level gauge cocks anhydrous clarified water shortage time longer, together to observe the steam pressure change, if the pressure is the same as the normal operating pressure, clarify was not serious shortage of water, steam pressure is now beyond the job pressure, water jacketed quite serious water shortage. In this case, it is necessary to operate the furnace with an urgent stop, and it is forbidden to put water on the furnace to prevent the explosion.

5. Air pipe gas flow upstream

Air pipe during normal operation, the gas will not flow into the air pipes, but, if be but Russia is a power outage, it may come back from the bottom of the furnace gas into the drum bellows, because non-return valve doesn't work can make the gas back to the air duct to the air blower, because back gas high temperature (above 600 degrees), in the air pipe and air mixing, reached the blasting index, natural blasting, the result is quite serious.


(1) guarantee the sealing of the reverse stop valve;

(2) after the power failure, the steam should be increased to deliver steam to the furnace, keeping the pressure inside the furnace;

(3) after the power failure, the air valve shall be closed at the fastest speed, and the access of the air to the bottom of the furnace is blocked, preventing the air from entering the furnace and causing the incident.

(4) depending on the pressure of the outlet of the gas, the pressure of the bottom of the furnace will be dispersed and the bottom pressure of the furnace will not be turned back to the bellows.

Note: after the incoming call, it is necessary to purge the gas in the air receiver before the ability turns into normal operation.

6. Blasting in the furnace during normal production of heat preparation.

There are two kinds of blasting conditions in the normal production of hot standby furnace. The first is that the blast occurred in the blast furnace and the second is the explosion during normal air supply.

The first factor of blasting is: in the process of hot standby, there are some gas back into the drum bellows, for normal operation, the some along with the air into the furnace gas, when the gas and air mixture reach the index of blasting, blasting in oxidation layer of fire or attack. The severity of the damage was severe enough to be reported by the material that the explosion was destructive enough to tear gas out of the furnace and cause a fire. In order to prevent a disturbance, it is necessary to clean the gas in the air pipe before starting the fan.

The second kind of blasting factor: the temperature of the oxide layer in the furnace is low, and the oxidation layer is now quelled. At this moment if air pressure adjustment of the larger, and the air entering the furnace, some of the oxygen in the air in the combustion in the oxide layer, and at the other end of the air is not as auxiliary combustion, the blasting but mixed in the gas attack. Eliminate this kind of blasting image method: adjust the small air quantity first, after the oxidation layer in the furnace is evenly set up, slowly add the air quantity. Together, we should pay attention to the use of less coal, and the practice of adding coal to the furnace is forbidden. After the oxidation layer is set to normal, the situation in the furnace is more coal

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