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Causes and treatment of drum kit for gas generator
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Producer gas generator is a kind of bituminous coal, anthracite as raw material, gasification producing water gas equipment, coal gasification technology can be widely applied to building materials, ceramics, chemical industry, refractory materials, machinery, etc. Especially in the application of ceramic industry, the cost reduction is very significant. So, we in the producer gas generator at ordinary times do regular inspection, found that water jacketed happen bulge phenomenon, that is what causes, should be how to deal with, under the shandong wanfeng simple analysis of the occurrence of the bulge and prevention and cure for everyone:

1, scale to beat: when the water jacketed wall scaling serious, can make the gas occurrence furnace heating surface metal wall temperature is high, the strength of metal drop, after the metal to withstand, creep deformation, form a bulge under outside pressure. 

2. Insufficient water supply leads to the drum pack in the use of the gas generator. The connection pipe between the drum and the water jacket must be kept free, and the water level must be maintained within the drum. In practice, if any of the following situations occur, the water jacket will be dehydrated.

(1) water treatment is not up to the standard, and the suction pipe and the inner surface of the water pipe are fouled, the pipe is narrow, the circulation area of the water flow decreases, resulting in the water jacket water shortage.

(2) the water circulation line of the gas producer is added with the valve, and the valve is not fully opened in the use. It also makes the circulation of the water circulating pipe smaller, resulting in water jacket water shortage.

(3) insufficient water pressure. Sufficient water pressure must be maintained to keep the water flowing. Generally, the soft water pump pressure over 1Mpa. Rob water occur if the pressure is insufficient, for example, would have resulted in a steam pressure in the steam drum pressure pour the liquid level in the inland waters, the liquid level gauge display liquid level drops, a long time will lead to the steam drum water shortage.

(4) the personnel of the stoker are low in responsibility, unable to make up the water in the package in time to ensure the water level of the drum, which also causes water shortage in the jacket.

(5) operation error. Regularly as the operator when the sewage drain valve open too large, a large amount of sewage, long time not see level that even happen will cause inside the jacket into the water than the amount is small, in the water jacket and water level of steam drum fell sharply. When the water jacket is short of water, the upper part of the jacket will form a steam zone, which will weaken the heat transfer effect of the inner wall, and increase the temperature of the metal wall in the steam area, leading to the drum bag. If severe water shortage, it can also cause equipment damage or explosion accidents.

3. Unevenly distributed coal drum

In the operation of the gas generator, the coal baffle and the pulverizer shall be responsible for evenly and evenly distributed coal, and then the furnace personnel shall conduct regular drilling and drilling, thus ensuring the uniformity of coal seam and slag layer in the furnace. In the actual operation, improper points coal baffle and pulverized coal device position adjustment will result in uneven coal, some parts of combustion layer is higher, so the same axis of drier will be longer, corresponding to the water jacket in the rise of the steam produced more, in this part of the upper formation soda mixed zone. As the heat transfer of the steam is poor, the strength of the material decreases, causing the drum bag. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the position of the cloth coal in the actual use to ensure the distribution of coal. The furnace personnel should regularly drill and brazing to ensure that the burning layer and ash are evenly distributed.

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