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Analysis of the water quality of the water jacket of the gas generator
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The water jacket of the gas producer is also known as the jacketed boiler, which is the same as the small boiler in the requirement of water quality. Only use demineralized water, prevent fouling inside water jacket, can both improve steam production, and ensure the gas water jacket gas water jacket gas water jacket gas water jacket running safety, but the general gas station is small, small dosage of demineralized water, demineralized water tend to separate construction investment, management of trouble. So many units use tap water directly instead of softening it. Let's discuss the necessity of processing first. Untreated water inevitably to various impurities, in addition to the common sediment and organic matter, which have sand, organic salt and mineral salt, they will settle in heating in jian lake layer is formed on the heated surface, namely "scale. The main substances that form the scale are calcium and magnesium salts. It is generally used to indicate the content of calcium and magnesium dissolved in water. It is usually measured in milligrams equivalent per liter or H (German degree). 1H is equivalent to 1 liter of water with 10 millimeters of calcium oxide (CaO) or 7.19 mg of magnesium oxide (MgO). 1H is approximately 0.35663 mg equivalent/liter.

The hardness can be divided into temporary hardness and permanent hardness for different calcium and salt thermal stability properties.

The so-called temporary hardness is due to calcium carbonate

The sum of the temporary hardness and permanent hardness of water is called total hardness. According to the content of hard salt in water, the water can be divided:

Soft water - equivalent total hardness 3 mg/l (H = 8) of the following: moderate hard water, total hardness equivalent in 3 ~ 6 mg/l (H = 8 ~ 16) range: hard water, total hardness equivalent 6 mg/l (H = 8 ~ 16) or more.

In natural water has the following average hardness: rain, snow = 0, pool, the water hardness equivalent of 0.7 ~ 0.7 mg/l, the equivalent 2 ~ 4 mg/l, groundwater more than equivalent of 7 ~ 10 mg/l.

Scale is a poor conductor of heat (thermal conductivity = 0.07 ~ 5 kcal/m · h · c) scale, hindered greatly increase the heating area, make the water jacket heat transfer deterioration, overheating and reduce mechanical strength, furnace wall crack, bulge or damage to the water jacket, cause accidents. Therefore, in order to ensure the production safety, ensure the normal operation of the gas furnace and prolong the life of the furnace, it is necessary to soften the water.

The water treatment method is more, have chemical treatment and physical water treatment, the procedure that is treated, also is to divide furnace water treatment and boiler outer water treatment. Furnace web of treatment is most often ion exchange water treatment, it is a kind of ion exchange agent, the use of water through the calcium and magnesium ions in the water and the ion exchanger of sodium saturated degree, by salt water reduction and flushing, regeneration, continuously circulation, so as to achieve the purpose of preparation of demineralized water.

In the gas station, another common water treatment is the magnetohydrator, and the magnetic water is used to change the salt in the water to the rational crystal structure, which makes the generated scale loose and easy to discharge out of the oven. So actually, magnetic water does not leave the salt of soluble in water to remove, and need to rely on strengthening drainage to prevent fouling, usually 3-4 hours at a time, sewage water accounted for 24% of total water and should be regular cleaning furnace, in order to ensure good effect.

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