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What is the characteristic of single stage gas producer?
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Single sections of producer gas generator, also called a sections of gas producer or single period of gas producer, has great gas production, gasification thoroughly, strong adaptability to coal, gas calorific value is high, simple operation, high security features.

Its construction features:

One, the grey dish chooses worm wheel, worm roll, the job is safe and secure;

The automatic wet discharge is smooth and long life;

Third, mechanized coal system, double bell cover and coal, the structure is short, the use of solid, the sealing function is good, it is good for the furnace condition stable.

Four, the deflection of the revolving grate construction leads reasonable, the slag is good, and the air supply is even, the water jacket has the self-produced steam to be completely satisfied with the furnace body gasification and the investigation of the gas seal operation, no need to be supplied for steam.

The furnace and the wind pipe, the furnace and the ash tray, the wind pipe and the bottom of the bottom of the wind pipe and the bottom of the root have the water seal, make the gas stove have the security and the airtight function to be strong;

The gas is hot, and the heat of the heat of the gas and the burning of the tar, the heat of the gas is higher

Seven, single sections of producer gas generator structure brief, gas production process, simple equipment cover an area of an area small, less investment, construction fast, than direct coal-burning reduced the labor intensity, and can save fuel 15-20%, coal gas to achieve environmental protection request, also improve the quality of heating together;

The gas burner, gas block, hot gas piping system, and the installation operation to ensure the transport and use of hot gas. The gas generator is used in the furnace, industrial boiler, heat treatment furnace, dry furnace, melting furnace and other heating equipment in the temperature range.

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