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Prevention of gas pipe blocking
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We all know that the gas producer is the equipment for supplying mixed blast furnace gas for mechanical, metallurgy, building materials, light industry, chemical engineering and materials, etc. So in the course of practical use is very extensive, but sometimes the gas occurrence boiler pipe in use rendering pipeline jam, what factors have led, shandong wanfeng below brief to introduce our producer gas generator under the pipeline blocking the preventive measures

The characteristics of the running of the gas in the furnace and the characteristic of the operation of the cold state of the gas generator shall be measured in the following respects:

(1) can be seen from the furnace temperature, gas exit temperature is lower than the technical target, about 3000 mm Ø producer gas generator, the outlet temperature of the furnace general at 400 ℃;

(2) turn the fire hole investigation and the furnace is dark red;

(3) when drilling, the area of the oxidation layer in the area of the drill is dark red, and the area of the fire zone is not present.

(4) the gas is of poor quality. The sample analysis shows that the amount of carbon monoxide and hydrogen in mixed gas is low.

The analysis of slag sampling is also high in carbon content.

Factors and measures for the formation of the cooling of gas in the furnace

(1) full temperature is too high, when the furnace for high water vapor content in the wind, decreased the temperature of the furnace and fire layer, so not only makes carbon not abundant oxidation, high carbon content in slag; And because of the low temperature of the furnace, the amount of heat that can be needed to restore carbon dioxide and water vapor is low, and the carbon monoxide and hydrogen in the gas are low 

Appear this kind of condition, should drop full temperature, solution is to cut for the amount of water vapor in the wind, gradual progress, furnace temperature oxide layer in the furnace temperature recovery to normal, then the full temperature conditioning to normal.

(2) the producer gas generator during operation, the operator failed to recuperate in time according to the gas production and coal, coal, coal seam is too thick, gray layer is too thin, sometimes even no ash layer, make the air entering the furnace to energetic preheating, furnace temperature drop, the deterioration of reaction, the gas outlet temperature is low, the gas of carbon monoxide and hydrogen content decreased, increased carbon content in slag. When this condition is presented, it shall be cut or suspended from the dust, the coal and the fire layer, and the fire layer shall be dispersed gradually and normal. Together, the ash tray is strictly controlled and the ash tray is not too high.

(3) the gas temperature of the gas furnace is too low, the furnace is vaporized slowly, the furnace temperature is low. In this situation, if a number of stoves are produced, the furnace can be cut, and the blast volume of the furnace can be added to make it normal. This disturbance attack in single furnace to produce gas, and in the furnace heat preservation for the delivery, operation cut gas attacks, blindly ignored the attacks of furnace cold running trouble, forming the gas outlet temperature is too low, the gas pipeline blocking.

On a single stove produces, the quantity of gas required for the kiln and the situation, in order to avoid pipeline jam, can adopt normal produce gas attack, some excess gas radiation to keep the gas outlet temperature, but the cost is high, so can make the fuel coal tossing in gas form the pollution of the environment, so, this kind of treatment method is not desirable. But in order to avoid condensation of tar and dust adhesion formation gas block, expectant kiln insulation stage, yield can adopt the intermittent gas producer, making furnace heat preservation period no longer remains constant, but changes in a certain temperature range, when the temperature of high temperature period of the gas pressure maintaining the furnace. When the furnace temperature reaches the low temperature, the gas generator will produce the gas, the kiln furnace will heat up until the high temperature section, and then stop the gas pressure. So that the tar in gas pipeline gas, the condensing down again when conveying gas vaporizing with gas, tar can avoid condensation, dust adhesion formation of the gas pipeline blocking.

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