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The gas is running in the heat of the furnace
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In practice, the abnormal condition of the gas generator to heat up the furnace is not allowed. The main characteristics of this condition: the gas temperature reaches 600 degrees above, and now it reaches the natural temperature of gas, which is very risky. Under this situation, if open the top fire detecting hole, furnace gong liang, from will fire burning natural gas, large slag furnace gasification layer, the temperature as high as 1300 degrees, the temperature is very high, if qian agent is easy to burn out nager, top external can present higher temperature, furnace and coal device will burn drops, etc., assay analysis of gas, contain higher carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide is low. Factors that have been working:

1, the ash layer is too high, the total coal seam is too low, the oxidation layer (fire layer) moves up, the recovery layer, the dry distillation layer is almost gone, it is a big stove. In this case, the gas is a bit more carbon-dioxide, so gas exports are more than 600 degrees, and are more likely to occur naturally in the empty layer.

In this situation: notice that the dust is accelerated and the coal is accelerated to cover up the dull layer of fuel. Oxide layer down to the normal position (200 mm) grate top into the furnace bottom steam to add, cooling the oxide layer, adjust furnace condition, until the furnace outlet temperature drop to normal temperature of 550 degrees.

2, the high temperature is too small, the vapor content in the air is small, formed the oxidation layer the burning burning, causes the temperature of the gasification layer to rise. Appear this kind of furnace, oxide layer has large slag into slag, air flow resistance is very big, in the absence of slagging, gas velocity to add, not through carbon appearance restoration (co2), too much carbon dioxide gas. Together, the amount of carbon in the slag will also be added, wasting power.

Because of oxidation layer of slagging, often can render partial burn, due to the coal slagging not fall down, no slagging down more smoothly, if not handled in time, a long time, oxidation layer of the fire is smooth, slagging parts air flow is not smooth, oxide layer not fire, until the present life.

This happens: pay attention to, to increase the full temperature (steam), drop in temperature oxidation layer, use coarse 30 mm steel broken slag, rolling ash tray together, kneading pieces ash from outside.

If the slag in the furnace is too big, if it is not broken, it must be stopped. Otherwise, it will damage the grate and other equipment.

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