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Shandong wanfeng thermostat is used in gas producer
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A gas producer is a device that produces gas from coal and is used by gas equipment. Solid raw coal from the stove top, with the operation of the gas stove moves down, in and from the bottom of the furnace into the gasification agent (air, steam) counter-current meet at the same time, from the bottom of the furnace fuel layer of high temperature gas heating, physical and chemical reaction, to produce crude gas. This crude gas (i.e. hot gas) can be used directly for combustion equipment (kiln etc.) after dust removal.

Gas needs to control the temperature and pressure, the temperature control through the control of the valve opening, to adjust the volume of steam, pressure control is by controlling the frequency converter, start the blower and the pressure of pressure machine. At the same time, the temperature points of different layers of the furnace are tested. The gas generator has a higher requirement for the controller, and if the control is not ideal, it can cause leakage, explosion and other hazards.

The thermostat has a good technical application in the gas generator. The valve is adjusted by using the p6100 series intelligent control instrument, and the temperature of the furnace is controlled accurately and steadily. Can improve the gas quality effectively and save a lot of energy. The WEST instrument adopts modular and platformable structure, the function is flexible, the "firing class" element design, the service life span ten years.

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