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How do you reduce the temperature of the gas generator in the summer
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In the middle of the summer, there will be a sudden temperature rise in the gas producer. What should we do with this problem? The shandong wanfeng gas producer is sharing with you.

The gas generator is to maintain a certain temperature, the temperature too high or too low can have adverse effect. So how do you deal with the heat of the gas?

The first is to see if the coal is too much coal in the furnace, and if the coal is too much too fast, it is the simplest way to reduce the temperature.

Second, gas generator within the oxide layer temperature is relatively low, the result in part of coal by gas, then will be appropriate to give a saturation temperature regulation, best to increase the temperature of the oxide layer, effectively reduce the gasification steam into the furnace.

Third, we should mainly run fire layer, and timely increase the amount of steam, and adjust, can reduce the steam furnace return to normal.

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