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The steam capacity of the furnace water jacket
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This is mainly related to the gasification intensity of the furnace, the thickness of the material, the length of the fire layer, the temperature of the furnace, the temperature of the gas in the furnace, and the time of the use of the water jacket.

When the thickness of the material is thick, the heat transfer also increases, so there is more steam. 

When the intensity of gasification is increased, the reaction in the furnace is accelerated, and the heat is released more, so the water jacket is heated, so the steam output is large.


When the furnace operation is wrong, a local burn will occur, and the temperature of the furnace will increase. 

When the furnace is new, because the inner circles of the inner ring of the furnace are not tartar and tar, the heat transfer is fast, and the amount of steam produced is also large.

When the upper column case is produced, the steam generated is much more, such as an untimely application or dissipation, which causes the vapor pressure to rise.

The amount of steam will increase when the temperature of the fire is long, and the temperature of the water is high when the temperature is high.

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